BMW shows first teaser for the new Megacity EV

BMW presented the first information on the new Megacity electric EV model. BMW said the new electric model will be both structural parts, and body panels made of fiber carbon.Va be a first for mass production models. So far the only models that have used a carbon structure were your McLaren F1 supercar and the new McLaren MP4-12C.

Megacity new project is based on how the number of people migrating to cities. By 2020 it was estimated that the number of people living in the city will be approximately 60%. Another factor is the law and who want more economical cars with low emissions as. Consumption and emissions will be reduced by up to 30% from 2008.

Megacity new model aims to urban transport. It will use a 100 kW electric motor. Maximum speed is 150 km / h and autonomy will be about 120 km. New city car concept relies on Active and BMW’s Mini. Megacity model will use the same pedal and accelerator and brake. When the driver wants to brake, it should just lift your foot off the accelerator and the car starts to slow down and also to recharge the batteries.

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