Chicago 2010: Women of the Windy City

This year’s 2010 Chicago Auto Show is just about over, at least for us media types, and while a couple of significant vehicles were unveiled here, it’s basically a repeat of Detroit – the industry has definitely scaled back.

Although Chicago hasn’t always been one of the pre-eminent events on the calendar, we usually get a lot out of our trip to the Windy City, and while that’s generally new car debuts, there’s plenty else to occupy our time here.

Thankfully one area where automakers seemingly didn’t skimp again is booth professionals. Lots of models are positioned by the vehicles, quick with a smile or an answer to any question we had. As the auto show season marches along, the gals just seem to get prettier and friendlier at every event.

And as we pointed out in our booth babe post from Detroit, we’re not being sexist, but rather consumers of a valuable service according to Sirens of Chrome, an entire book celebrating the culture of car models and their history on the auto show circuit. Check out the gallery below to keep the economy going.

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