Saab’s never-was 9-3 gets a few better looks

saab-93-phoenix-1363959998The recent glimpses we’ve been getting of the never-was Saab 9-3 Phoenix must be like rubbing salt on the wounds of all the Saab fans out there. If that’s the case, diehard Saab enthusiasts might want to look away from this. SaabWorld has uncovered a handful of shots of what was to be the next-generation 9-3 hatchback, and boy does it look sharp.

Revealing a clearer look at what we previously saw in grainy images or as a full-scale model, these new pictures show what Jason Castriota had in mind for the new car. The front end is obviously inspired by Saab’s Phoenix Concept, while the rear of the car pays homage to the Saab 900 hatchback.

We like the overall look. Let us know what you think in the Comments.

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