Dacia Duster looks good in motion

dacia-duster-offroad-vid Dacia Duster looks good in motion

By and large, the Geneva Motor Show isn’t like U.S. auto shows in that grandiose press conferences just don’t exist like they do here.

Or, at least, like they used to here. Most vehicles just show up on the show floor and we snap photos at a fevered pace in an effort to get those pics to you as quickly as possible. The upside for us is that we can rip through posts at a fevered pitch for your enjoyment.

The downside is that every once in a while we miss something, and this year we forgot to cover the Dacia Duster, though we did tell you about it in advance. Still, our bad.

Renault’s Romanian-bred SUV is built to be affordable, attractive and capable, with a 30 degree approach and a 36 degree departure for relatively some serious off-roading. The Duster even comes diesel-ready, with a 105 horsepower, 266 pound-feet of torque powerplant that we’d love to try for ourselves.

And if an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal is correct, Renault is even pondering bringing the Duster to U.S. shores.

Until that happens, we have to make do with a couple of videos showing off just how capable the Duster is. The first spot shows us how the Dacia handles off-road chores and the second seeks to illustrate that it isn’t a dud on dry pavement, either. Hit the jump to watch the two videos for yourself.

[Source: Dacia via YouTube]

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