Dacia Logan best selling car in Romania

dacia-logan-best-selling-car-in-romania-185462Dacia Logan remains the best selling car in Romania, with 9.000 units being delivered in 2012, though with 40% less than last year.


Dacia Logan  – 9.000 cars, down 40% from 2011
Dacia Duster – 5.000 cars, down 27% from 2011


1. Skoda Octavia
2. Renault Symbol
3. VW Golf
4. Ford Fiesta


Volkswagen Golf  – 408.412 units
Ford Fiesta          – 289.533 units
Volkswagen Polo – 269.000 units
Opel Corsa          – 249.596 units
Ford Focus          – 226.378 units

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