The 10 Sexiest Car Wash Videos

I have been posting sexy carwashes since the inception of this site. It’s always a pleasure to watch women get wet, bubbled up, and do it all for a good cause: to clean a car. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why there aren’t more full time bikini car washes out there is a complete mystery to me.

And I’m also pleased at how the gap is considerably closing on stripping and bikini car washing. I tell ya the folks in Europe have really gotten it down. Also, since all my car wash posts have been pictures galleries, I figured moving objects would be better this time around.

The Brazzers Car Wash

The Thong Car Wash

The Deliberately Slow Motion Wash

Good God I love Belgium

Sexy Jenna Jane Gets Into

The WWE Girls Wash a Limo

Me So Horny Threesome

Paris Hilton Hamburger Commercial

The Carwash Striptease

The Adam Corolla Celebrity Car Wash


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