The greatest truck in America?

2004 Dodge Ram 1500

America’s greatest truck isn’t sitting in some showroom. It’s not the one that wins the latest Big Time Magazine comparo, either. Nor is it the one that ranks highest in some tailor-made-for-PR survey results.

The best truck in America is the one you see above. Okay, not this one specifically. Think of this 108,000-mile 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 as an archetype: the friend’s truck, or more plainly, the truck you can always borrow.

I borrowed this one earlier today for a messy trip to the dump. Sure, all the filth-ridden junk would have fit in the family SUV, but cleanup would have been a nightmare, and my truck-owning buddy lives just around the corner.

“Sure thing. Come on by,” he says every time I ask to borrow it. And every time I use that truck, I desperately want one of my own. But the truth is, another ride’s just not in the cards right now, so The Borrowed Truck is king. It is beloved. Long may it run.

And now, it’s reader participation time. Do you have a strong relationship with a borrowed truck yourself? Let’s hear about it.

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