clip_image005Hummer? What hummer!? That car which consumes a lot of fuel and is uncomfortable? No. The ones from Conquestcars had something different in their mind, they made a very comfortable car ready for anything, and when I say anything I mean it! For the beginning will only be built 100 cars like this

The car is built manually, a single model requiring 1500 hours for being finished. Conquest VX Knight is inspired after the Gurcka military cars, and is based on a modified Ford super-duty chassis as to meet the … military requirements.

Bullets and grenades aren’t a problem for this car, having a body made of strength steel, spoilers made of fiber glass and 64 mm thick bullet-proof windows. It weights 4,5 tons and the special run-flat Michey Thompson tires won’t make any problems to the car if perforated.What about the luxury, you may ask.

Well, in the interior you will find Andrew Muirhead leather, Wilton Wool carpets, electrically adjustable armchairs and multiple facilities like the Apline multimedia system, bluetooth and TV monitors for all seats, “Night Vision” system and even a Playstation 3 system. What could you wish more?

Its 400 HP V10 engine of 6.8 liters is designed to work with E85 bioethanol.


..grow up

Just wait for the next pic..

Next to a Hummer..
Whaaahaha, that’s hilarious!

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