Video: Take a walk down Nissan Z-car memory lane, look into the future

40thanniv370zparty Video: Take a walk down Nissan Z car memory lane, look into the future

A while back we showed you the 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z. The special package for the 370Z adds a healthy dose of show and a wee dash of go to the already heady mix of Z-car sportiness.

It’s hard to believe we’ve had 40 years of Z-cars – the car that became the best-selling sportscar series of all time with its perfect blend of performance, styling and value. Coincidentally, Los Angeles area Nissan dealer Universal City Nissan is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year as well.

Sounds like the makings of a great party, doesn’t it? Universal City is pulling out all the stops, inviting Z-car enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to have a good time down for the celebration.

Those who register at the company’s website will get a coupon redeemable for some free Kogi Korean BBQ, too, as if the unveiling of the 40th Anniversary Z wasn’t enough. Well, there’s actually more to the deal.

According to the website, there’s a whole day of activities planned, starting with a visit to the Datsun Heritage Museum in Murrieta, CA. Guests will get a tour of the museum and snacks before the gang caravans up to Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles.

That’s where the Kogi BBQ truck will be, along with a local radio station that will be broadcasting live and giving away 40th Anniversary swag.

The grand finale will be the unveiling of both the Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition and the first 2010 Nismo Edition 370Z made. Sounds like a great day of Z-car action.

To whet our appetites, they’ve even put together a fun video scrapbook featuring 40 years of Nissan Z-car commercials and insider videos that we’ve embedded after the jump. So check it out and click on over to the Universal City site to register.

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