How to Save Money When You Own a Luxury Car: Learning to Perform Basic Repairs

The luxury of owning your own car and the freedom that comes with it can often be marred by the expense of insuring, fuelling and maintaining it. Although it is now well established that it is relatively easy to find a competitive deal on your car insurance and various superstores offer incentives to reduce the cost of fuel, you may also be able to save money by forgoing trips to mechanics by carrying out basic maintenance and repairs at home. You can easily and cheaply change oil filters and even replace lights and alternators.

Changing Gas Struts: How to Complete a Professional Standard of Workmanship

A more uncommon home repair that you can carry out at home is changing your gas struts. These are comprised of metal cylinders that use gas which is compressed by a piston to exert force. They will be located on both your bonnet and boot and enable you to easily open them and have them stay up. They are therefore essential for either inspecting your engine or putting items into your boot, which serve as two critical and practical features of any car or vehicle. read more »

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Ferrari California T – Official video

ferrari-california-t-2015Sporty, elegant, versatile: that’s the Ferrari California T. Since the 1950s, in fact, this particular model has been the Prancing Horse’s finest embodiment of all three characteristics.

Now, however, the new California T adds a radical innovation to that honourable tradition whilst still retaining the model’s highly renowned versatility.

Sportività, eleganza, tecnologia: in sintesi, Ferrari California T. Dagli anni Cinquanta ad oggi questo modello ha rappresentato la miglior interpretazione di queste caratteristiche da parte della Casa di Maranello: oggi la nuova Ferrari California T aggiunge a tutto questo anche una profonda innovazione mantenendo le straordinarie doti di versatilità che hanno sempre contraddistinto questo modello. read more »

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Ferrari F430 Vs BMW X6M In A Drag Race


Ferrari F430 Vs BMW X6M In A Drag Race. Who wins ?

The legendary Ferrari F430 goes against the BMW X6M in a drag race, although the result seems quite obvious, however in drag race events it’s hard to predict the result, you never can tell what a car can do on the ground, even if on the paper it’s something else.

You never know what’s under the hood until the car races on a track or in a drag race. read more »

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Python amphibious car costs a bomb

Want to make it out like those super cool spies you see in the movies?

The Python amphibious car ought to fit the bill – after all, it not only looks good enough to drive and carry your harem around, whenever you’re stuck at a dead end with a lake in front of you, all you need to do is rev the engine and jump right inside the lake, letting the conversion process ensure you will be able to cruise to the other side of the lake in a jiffy.

It will be powered by a Chevy Corvette V8 engine to make sure there are enough horses underneath the hood when you need them (all 640 of them!) alongside a Dominator Jet for your water-based forays that pumps around 500 hp onto it. read more »

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The Gold Mercedes

23_Chrome_Gold_Mercedes_Benz_C63_AMG_5This United Arab Emirates-registered gold-mirror-finish Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG was caught at the Bling on Wheels Show, otherwise known as the valet area at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

While we have nothing untoward to say about someone who decks out his/her ride in any manner desired, we are always intrigued when someone looks to have spent the worth of a car – on top of the price of the car itself – on “beautification.”

There is some debate as to whether this is a real paint job or a wrap, but parking your gold-wrapped C63 next to a genuinely chrome SLR would be shamefully ludicrous. A C63 AMG goes for about 300,000 AED (about $82,000 USD). read more »

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Mercedes-Benz inches closer to fully automated driving

ad10c44601 copy Mercedes Benz inches closer to fully automated driving

Working on autonomous vehicle systems is all the rage lately, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. Most of the work has been going within research groups and as part of competitions like the DARPA Urban Challenge. Mercedes-Benz has moved its automated driving work over to driver-assistance test groups. It’s using the automation technology to evaluate crash avoidance systems without putting test drivers and engineers at risk.

By using its autopilot systems, the test maneuvers can be reproduced much more consistently. This isn’t the first time that such systems have been employed in testing. Chrysler built an Automated Durability Road (ADR) at its Chelsea Proving Ground in the mid-1990s. The ADR used robotic drivers for accelerated durability testing over extremely difficult surfaces.

In both cases, the automakers can do far more extreme testing than would be possible with human drivers. Among the things Mercedes will be testing for is unintentional airbag deployments when driving over curbs, and detection of high-speed merging traffic or sudden braking. read more »

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The Pretty Blonde Cars

Do you like blondes? I do. Well, each one admires blondes, their lifestyle and sexual atmosphere they award you. The next blondie cars were grouped up to please your eyes.

1. The 1951 Mercury Coupe was a favourite car of our blondie grannies. It still outlooks bright and cool among these retro car stuff. If I were a blondie girl I would purchase one for my collection *)).

pretty blonde cars 01 thumb The Pretty Blonde Cars

2. This fuchsia car with flames on the trunk will remember you about your childhood. Didn’t you have one like this in that period? Possibly, the mistress eyes are violet with some fire inside and now let’s imagine such blonde lady on the roads. Scary? read more »

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Bugatti gets green light to build Galibier sedan

web bugatti 16c galibier 5 Bugatti gets green light to build Galibier sedan

Always wanted Veyron levels of power but needed room for the kids? Bugatti is ready to make your dream a reality because the Galibier has reportedly been given the green light. According to some in-the-know folks, Volkswagen has given a jewel-encrusted thumbs up that will allow Bugatti to build the four-door super sedan.

The Galibier is expected to be priced around $1.4 million, and according to Bloomberg, the W16 will arrive under-hood in 1,000-horsepower form. Other reports speculate that Bugatti will trim the turbocharger count back from four to two, causing horsepower to dip to a more pedestrian 800 hp.

Bugatti, the maker of the world’s fastest production car, has won backing from parent Volkswagen AG (VOW) to build the 16C Galibier sedan, adding a four-door model to its lineup, two people familiar with the matter said. read more »

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Top 20 most bizarre graffiti cars

To take part in graffiti art you need spray paint yet some vehicles can prove that it is not so and you can do even without it. Ok let’s look at some curious and bizarre graffiti cars.

1. Don’t you think this car looks primitive? Nevertheless, it was painted by real artist and professional. It keeps traditional graffiti style with some elements of aerography.
bizzare graffitti cars 1 Top 20 most bizarre graffiti cars
bizzare graffitti cars 2 Top 20 most bizarre graffiti cars

2. Anime or manga cars became popular all over the world. You can find them almost everywhere even on graffiti cars. read more »

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It’s a Car…It’s a Plane…It’s BOTH!

moller autovolantor Its a Car...Its a Plane...Its BOTH!

This is the latest auto-aero innovation from Moller, the minds that brought you the much-hyped but never built SkyCar. This time they’re sexing it up a notch — their new Autovolantor is a road/air hybrid that’s built in the shell of a Ferrari 599 GTB. Yup, a flying sports car.

Moller’s two-passenger flying Ferrari, if it comes to fruition, will have a range of 75 miles airborne and 150 miles on the ground, 40 of those coming exclusively from battery power.

The Autovolantor will have a total payload of 375 pounds and carry 16.5 gallons of fuel. Essentially, it will function as a plug-in hybrid until it gets stuck in traffic, at which point it could lift vertically off the ground and fly at up to 150 miles per hour. read more »

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