Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Car: Ultimate Kids Play

Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Car: Ultimate Kids Play

For those who think that cost shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to buying a toy for their youngsters, Bergtoys has released the Ferrari FXX Racer pedal car.

For €499 or approx $725, you can buy the basic version of the Ferrari inspired pedal car which comes equipped with a seven-speed transmission, an on-board processor, disc brake pedals, semi-slick pursuit tires.

But that’s not all. Parents who can spare “a little’ more cash or to be exact, €1,499 / $2,175, Bergtoys offers a supped up version of their Ferrari FXX Racer pedal car dubbed “Exclusive”.

The latter is equipped with a first-class fast bucket seat with a four-point harness, a leather steering wheel, larger alloy wheels and even an aero bodykit.

Via: Le Blog Auto , Source: Bergtoys

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