Romania’s answer to the Hummer prepares for the end of the world

32678b7b-0d84-4a88-8376-3c892a703acf_ghe-o_rescue_630We live in a world where natural and man-made disasters run rampant.

I’m not talking about Congress alone; from large-scale events such as typhoons and earthquakes, to localized disasters like house fires and flooding, the morning news often arrives filled with calamities.

But we needn’t worry: Romania has the answer. And it comes in the form of a gigantic Hummer-like machine that can withstand anything the hand of God can cast.

Ghe-O Motors of Romania has created the Rescue — a 3.2 ton truck that makes the original Hummer look like a first-gen Mini.

It comes with a gasoline or diesel engine, and the various iterations top out at either 500 hp or 340 hp, respectively. As the name suggests, it’s designed to rescue people from any and all situations. Presumably it’s also capable of overcoming an army of Martian fighting-machines designed to kill Tom Cruise.

It’s marketed for military application, medical support as well as for firefighters, boasting a 163-gallon water tank. It even sports pneumatic airbags on the wheels that inflate to provide better buoyancy in the water during floods.

It houses additional wheels at the back to catch the truck if it tips during near vertical ascents, and holds a place for a stretcher while seating up to eleven people.

It’s an all-in-one savior-mobile, with the ability to defeat Mother Nature at her worst. Or Armageddon. Or Sauron. Or even Mel Gibson. And I want one. That way if H. G. Wells’s war ever happens, I’m good to go. Tom Cruise would be jealous.


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