Futuristic Concept Car with Balcony Mode Option

One of the most interesting and functional future car designs comes from designer Roman Mistiuk. METROMORPH is a concept car that addresses two of our modern day ills; the traffic congestion in the big city and the lack of parking space availability to residents of apartment buildings in a big metropolitan area.

To solve the traffic congestion problem, this small and low vehicle has only two seats. It is battery powered with two in-wheel motors placed by the back wheels. Extremely light weight, with the wheels hidden inside the body, it has doors that are designed to open, slide up and wrap themselves closely around the top of the car, eliminating the need for space alongside the body in tight places.

The seats rotate ninety degrees out to help with entrances and exits. The shell of the car is clear and see-through allowing for 360 degrees visibility. To address the lack of parking space and to eliminate the need for separate and costly parking structures, this car is designed to be able to ride up vertically, just like an outside clear glass elevator.

Upon reaching the desired destination, the car attaches itself to the building and turns into your own private balcony. An opening in the building, and in the car allows for direct access into the apartment. The seats, on arms, rotate to keep leveled in both horizontal and vertical positions.

When the car is in it’s balcony mode, the seats can turn into lunge chairs where you can sit and enjoy the view seen through the clear shell of the car.

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