Insane Flash Flood – How a parking lot goes bye bye

Insane Video Of A Flash Flood Washing Away An Entire Parking Lot Of Cars. While American media is consumed with the shootings in Arizona, South Eastern Australia is battling catastrophic floods.

In this video a flash flood in Toowoomba, a city 79 miles west of Brisbane, washes away a parking lot of cars in a matter of minutes.

Keep this visual in mind when you want to start complaining about tomorrow’s snow storm!

3 thoughts on “Insane Flash Flood – How a parking lot goes bye bye

  1. Great post and totally agree offense is not the problem far from it. That play worked last night too. Kobe got 2 dunks and 2 lay ups. And missed Dwight on a pass that went out of bounds. There’s another play that reverses the ball while Pau/Dwight get a back pick for great post position that’s been effective. Nash has found players for good shots. The defense has been so bad it’s overshadowed some good sets on offense.

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