Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma top ASG list of most eco-friendly trucks

fordf150 300x199  Ford F 150, Toyota Tacoma top ASG list of most eco friendly trucks No one’s going to confuse the massively popular Ford F-150 pickup truck with a green vehicle, but at least it performs well in an environmental sense when compared to its brethren. The Automotive Science Group (ASG) took on the odd (to us, at least) task of measuring which pickup trucks are friendliest to the environment and found that the big seller in the Blue Oval’s flagship F-series came up big, while the Toyota Tacoma came up, well, slightly smaller. That’s a good thing.

Among the 245 light-duty trucks that ASG studied, the 3.7-liter V6-powered F-150 won ASG’s award for full-size trucks for both regular and crew cabs. Meanwhile, the 2.7-liter Toyota Tacoma, with its fuel-economy rating of 23 miles per gallon combined, had smallest overall life-cycle carbon footprint and won ASG’s two mid-sized categories. Finally, the Chevrolet Silverado won best all-around performance in the full-size extended-cab category. The ASG factored in eco-friendliness, price and social performance (which is measured by, “considering the rights of those charged with vehicle manufacture and assembly”) to come up with its findings. read more »

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Mitsubishi ready to pull Evo’s plug

03 2013 mitsubishi lancer evo x review 300x199  Mitsubishi ready to pull Evos plug We have all manner of unofficial metrics in the auto industry. No doubt you’ve heard some of them, like the butt dyno. Another popular measure is the smiles-per-dollar index – how entertaining is a car versus its price. Cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Scion FR-S and Mini Cooper S, for example, score quite highly, while vehicles like the BMW M5 or Audi RS7 are great to drive, but score lower because of their much higher price tags. For a long time, the king of the smiles-per-dollar index was arguably the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, which blended hair-raising thrills for the price of a well-equipped Ford Fusion Titanium.

Now, it looks like the Evo will need to hand over its title, as this generation of the rally-derived rocket is likely to be Mitsubishi’s last – at least for a while. There’s been no mention of just when production of the current car will end, so if you’re in the market, we’d suggest trying to find a dealer with inventory ASAP. The news comes from the automaker’s Japanese mothership, which says the brand will instead focus on utility vehicles and EVs. While there are no direct plans for a successor, an Evo XI as it were, the door remains open for a different kind of beast, according to Mitsubishi. read more »

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2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S

2014 ducati monster 1200 s fr 300x199  2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S The Ducati Monster 1200 S has the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse and the contact patch of a playing card. I’m elbows deep into leaning this pulsing, growling, screaming red animal across a one-lane hairpin on the edge of a volcanic island, when a sequence of questions flit through my mind: What if I hit a patch of gravel? What if a car rounds the corner and barrels toward me? What if I overcook the bend and somersault down the mountain, followed by a tumbling 461-pound bike?

Though these thoughts occur to every motorcyclist, they’re less toxic than one might think aboard the latest naked bike from Ducati.

The Monster barks in anger when its massive, 145-horsepower L-twin fires up, and its distinct lack of bodywork lends its mechanical entrails a fascinating – if somewhat grizzly­ – presence. There’s the pretty (Brembo monoblocs, TiN-coated Öhlins shocks, an aluminum single-sided swing arm), the ugly (cooling hoses, sloppy wiring, and an ill-fitting radiator shroud), and the optically clever (twin exhaust silencers of subtly staggered proportions, an LED-illuminated license plate mounted on a rear hugger). But despite all this visual and visceral data, the bike’s electronics systems have a sneaky way of taming this two-wheeled read more »

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A look at the most expensive Land Rover ever produced

article 2477960 1906E10000000578 987 634x343 300x162 A look at the most expensive Land Rover ever producedAfter a more luxurious ride and have some cash to spend? Then you’re in luck, with the latest Range Rover being unveiled as the most expensive ever made!

Setting you back £140,000, the latest Autobiography Black is set to be released in August 2014 and is aiming for a core market of the superrich and ultra-stylish, cornering a demographic that’s already been known to favour the Land Rover for glitzy film premieres and a smooth, sleek driving experience.

And, with the most expensive Land Rover for sale, those with the cash to afford it can’t go wrong, with the vehicle offering an array of luxury features that will make any driver feel like a VIP. read more »

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PROTON Satria Neo R3

proton r3 satria 300x199 PROTON Satria Neo R3PROTON just announced that they are upgrading their Satria R3 model released in 2004 (only 150 units) and the new street-legal Satria Neo R3 is going to be available. The specs are pretty good.

It uses a normally aspired 1.6-liter engine with power hiking to 100kW/ 135 bhp and torque at 164 Nm while the main focus is on dynamic handling to offer a “controlled yet exciting driving experience”.

The new PROTON Satria Neo R3 is coming in Incognito Black, with 17-inch tires, has a lowered suspension and a better braking system, Recaro seats and a MOMO steering wheel. Isn’t that enough for the €15,000 price ?

read more »



clip image005 300x176 KNIGHT XV vs HUMMERHummer? What hummer!? That car which consumes a lot of fuel and is uncomfortable? No. The ones from Conquestcars had something different in their mind, they made a very comfortable car ready for anything, and when I say anything I mean it! For the beginning will only be built 100 cars like this

The car is built manually, a single model requiring 1500 hours for being finished. Conquest VX Knight is inspired after the Gurcka military cars, and is based on a modified Ford super-duty chassis as to meet the … military requirements.

Bullets and grenades aren’t a problem for this car, having a body made of strength steel, spoilers made of fiber glass and 64 mm thick bullet-proof windows. It weights 4,5 tons and the special run-flat Michey Thompson tires won’t make any problems to the car if perforated.What about the luxury, you may ask. read more »


Wald International takes on Rolls, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Infiniti… all at the same time

web630wald international porsche panamera  Wald International takes on Rolls, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Infiniti… all at the same timeTuners typically roll out one package at a time. When a big tuner show like SEMA comes around, maybe a couple at a time. But Japanese tuning firm Wald International is launching five body kits for some of the most desirable top-of-the-line luxury sedans, all at the same time.

Included in Wald’s plans are aero kits for the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Porsche Panamera, Infiniti M, Jaguar XJ and BMW 7 Series. Throw in a Quattroporte, Mercedes CLS, maybe a Bentley and the Aston Martin Rapide in there and they’d have the whole kit and kaboodle covered.

Not much in the way of details available as of yet on this quintet of modified luxury wheels, but from the looks of it, each has been lowered and mounted with new front fascias, side skirts and big ol’ alloys. Check ‘em out for yourself below.

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Romania’s answer to the Hummer prepares for the end of the world

32678b7b 0d84 4a88 8376 3c892a703acf ghe o rescue 630 300x168 Romania’s answer to the Hummer prepares for the end of the worldWe live in a world where natural and man-made disasters run rampant.

I’m not talking about Congress alone; from large-scale events such as typhoons and earthquakes, to localized disasters like house fires and flooding, the morning news often arrives filled with calamities.

But we needn’t worry: Romania has the answer. And it comes in the form of a gigantic Hummer-like machine that can withstand anything the hand of God can cast. read more »


Tesla Model S costs one nickel per drag race

2012 tesla model s 628 1371232293 300x199  Tesla Model S costs one nickel per drag raceHistorically, the intersection between electric vehicles and drag racing has been really small – or so we guess, at least. But the advent of Tesla in the auto marketplace, and the subsequent performance offered up to drivers by way of battery-powered cars, has caused even racy publications like DragTimes to get in on the action.

Having posted several YouTube videos featuring the Tesla Model S doing pulls at the local strip, DragTimes encountered questions about just how many races that car might be able to run before needing to re-juice its battery pack.

The publication monitored the energy being used by the Tesla during full-throttle, quarter-mile runs, and determined that the net use (after energy from the regen braking was added back in) amounted to just 0.5 kWh per go. Considering that the full battery capacity is 85 kWh, DragTimes figured that the Model S is good for a remarkable 170 races before needing a recharge. By that math, and using electricity costs in DragTime’s home state of Florida, each race would cost just a nickel and a penny’s worth of electricity. read more »

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Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra full configurators truck in

628x356x2014 chevrolet silverado.jpg.pagespeed.ic . AVHDoiajC 300x170 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra full configurators truck inYou can now put prices to your wildest option-sheet dreams of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. A microsite for the full-size pickup truck twins has been up since January, and now the full-blown configurator is live and ready to take your virtual orders.

The only two chassis configurations available at the moment are the Crew Cab with either a short or standard bed – Regular and Double Cab versions will come later. In Silverado flavors that will run you $32,710 for the short box, $33,010 for the standard box, while the Sierra adds a $1,500 premium to both of those prices, and destination and handling for both models adds another $995.

Since these are American pickups the list of modifications is lengthy, but we added $11,450 in just two steps by starting with the Silverado Crew Cab and standard bed, then checking four-wheel drive and the LTZ Z71 package. Our final truck, resplendent in Brownstone Metallic paint, heated and cooled Cocoa/Dune perforated leather seating and tasty details like chrome recovery hooks, and engine block heater and LED cargo box lighting, rang up $57,285 at the candy store. read more »

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